Sample Submission Form and Instructions

To make sure that we get all the information that we need, we provide a┬ásample submission form for this purpose. On request, we’ll also be glad to send you a copy.

What we would like to know about you and your project is:

  1. Your name.
  2. Your organization (if applicable).
  3. The address where you would like the project returned.
  4. How we can contact you if we should have any questions. An e-mail address is particularly useful for this.
  5. A packing list of all artifacts. This will help us spot any missing (or extra) samples during the login of the project.
  6. The location and elevation of the site(s). UTM’s are best and section-township-range works well. Also please include the state, county, and U.S. Geological Survey map (if known) in which the sites are located. All site locations are treated as confidential. This information will be used to verify the accuracy of the source assignments and is also used to help us locate unknown sources.
  7. Sample provenience. When available, the provenience of each sample (sample numbers, unit coordinates, depth, etc.) is used for the reporting of results.
  8. Additional site information is sometimes useful and is always interesting to us in helping to understand your project. If a site record is available, we’d appreciate a copy. And if there’s anything unusual about the site, let us know and we’ll see if this also extends to the obsidian assemblage.
  9. Digital data – if you can submit any of the provenience data as a digital file (spreadsheet is easiest), it will be greatly appreciated.
  10. Any special instructions about reporting needs or billing details (plus a purchase order or project number, if applicable).
  11. And finally, the name and address of the person who receives the final invoice.