Services Obsidian hydration rim measurements
Contact Jennifer J. Thatcher
Address Willamette Analytics, LLC
1141 Sunset Dr.
Corvallis, OR 97333-3942
Phone: 541-740-5767
E-mail: jthatcher@willanalytics.com
WWW: www.willanalytics.com
Prices 1-5 samples ………. $30 per sample
6-50 samples ………. $26 per sample
51-100 samples ………. $23 per sample
101+ samples ………. $20 per sample
35% surcharge for rapid turnaround (two weeks or less) projects.
Subtract 10% for the Basic Report option (data tables only).
Reporting Written report and data tables plus CD with data (paper and Adobe Acrobat)
Payment Invoices are normally sent upon completion of project – payment may be made with cash, check, M.O., P.O., PayPal, Visa, or MasterCard.
Comments Reports can be customized upon request.We provide obsidian hydration measurements but do not attempt to calculate calendar ages, determine hydration rates, or correct for temperature (EHT) variables. We recommend that obsidian hydration analysis be used primarily as a relative chronologic method.